About Ballpoint Press

Ballpoint Press is me, Craig Smye. I’m a creative-technical hybrid who can make you some kickass graphics and then turn them into a cool website or interactive piece. Soon I might start hiring people. And then I’ll get to type “we” for once.

I started out on the web doing HTML for an entertainment company in 1996. That job was a great crash-course in the tools and best practices of the dial-up web era. After a year of that I returned to school for a while. After school in 2000 I worked for six months then left my first job at a local tech start-up when it lost its way. I started taking independent work creating simple websites for small businesses and working on contract for various marketing departments. In 2005 I officially registered Ballpoint Press and got more serious about keeping up with technology and standards on the web. Over the next five years I learned PHP, mySQL, WordPress, and other important web technologies, while also expanding into more video and animation work as I continued to learn in that area as well. From 2010-2015 I slowly backed off the web business and focussed more on animation and other unrelated work (games dev and etc). In 2016 I’m back to the web, learning every day, and continually learning about SEO, social networking, branding, and other important aspects of websites and web presence. At the same time I’ve been practicing and learning more about animation and video. This creates a nice synergy as the web is increasingly videocentric… websites will always be necessary but these days almost any website would benefit from some video.

“Ballpoint Press” comes from my love of drawing in ballpoint pen (I don’t actually love it any more). I used to draw comics endlessly during classes in school, working in ballpoint pen mostly on ruled note paper. That was the ballpoint press.

I have numerous projects ongoing in games, animation, comics, and film. To learn about those visit craigsmye.com.